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Gotech donates to Lushan Earthquake Relief



The Lushan earthquake or Ya'an earthquake occurred at 08:02 Beijing Time (00:02 UTC) on April 20, 2013. It has resulted in 196 people dead, 24 missing, at least 11,826 injured with more than 968 seriously injured according to the China Seismological Bureau data.

This natural disaster has deeply touched all staff in Gotech. Disasters are Merciless, but world is filled with love. At the very first time, Gotech issued a donation proposal for Lushan Ya’an. This proposal received warm response from all staff in Gotech and its subsidiaries. A toal donation of 32.5k yuan is received. And the company finally decided to donate desks and chairs to schools to fully support China Youth Development Foundation about the Emergency Relief Operations and Reconstruction work of Ya 'an, Sichuan .

It is not the first time for Gotech to make efforts in supporting local communities and local charity programes. It hopes to share its strength for the reconstruction together with the people in the earthquake zoo.